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Red Lemon Art started in a small apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1994, doing web design and helping out local businesses with print adds, menues, logos etc. Since then Per Nordgren (who is Red Lemon Art) has worked with everything from small add agencies to global IT-consultant firms, with government insitutions and giant corporations, with information architechture, interaction design and graphic design.

Yet little has changed. It’s all about creating the best possible experience!
The works below are a stroll down memory lane...
Per is currently working as a contractor at Sony Electronics North American Headquarters in San Diego as a User Experience Design Lead on a senior team that is redefining customer care software. The general public will get to see the result when the Sony VAIOs go on sale in August 2013. Until then everything is top secret. Sony logo
FIS web 2011-2012 Per worked as a contractor for Fidelity Global Information Services, designing the User Experience for a world leading loan management software. (Multi-million dollar loans with multiple banks accross continents and currencies etc). Unfortunately this is also all classified so there's nothing that can be shown on-line.
2011 Per was freelancing as a UX designer at Digitaria with the main task to design the User Experience of the Energizer Corporate web. During that time he also worked on e-commerce sollutions for Qualcomm, the corporate website for Disney Corporation, a support website for SoCal gas and a mobile assignment for a venture between Verizon and ESPN. Energizer
FIS web Through the years RLA has done plenty of design work for mobile-medical-tech-start-up Great Connection. Everything from web design to posters, presentations, banners and exhibition floor interiors.
Communication concept and web design for Cavalio Care Link, a company providing gastric bypass operations. (2010) FIS web
FIS web The Swedish Market Court (where copyright disputes etc are settled) has been a RLA client for many years. Work has included several web design revisions and mentoring of staff responsable for web updates.
Per was employed many years at the Swedish National Labourmarket Board. Work included project management, user experience design, web design, client UI design, project methodology work (implementing agile), strategic IT work. FIS web
FIS web AUTOTRASH was a pet project for many years. Production of 6 videos, promotional material, web design and CD sleves for some 15 singles and a full length album, apart from writing and performing the tracks with the rest of the band that is.

Red Lemon Art is the cover name for multi-talent Per Nordgren from GBG/Stockholm, Sweden. Currently based in San Diego, California.